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Dog Eating Dog Food

About BuddyDawg's

Handmade from start to finish

BuddyDawg Cookies was created because our founder Amy Foote was looking for natural products for her dogs Linda and Bella who were diagnosed with kidney failure and cancer respectively. The veternarian suggested an all natural rice, raw meat, fruits, and vegetable diet. She searched for food and treats at many pet stores and online and was unable to find any dog treats that were not full of chemicals and preservatives. Even the so called "all natural" brands had some form of chemical preservatives or ingredients. The food issue was simple to solve with a local meat market, but the treat issue was not such a simple solution, so she started making natural treats for them.  All ingredients used in BuddyDawg Cookies are organic human grade. We are more than happy to answer any questions about our products.

Our Namesake

When Linda was beginning to get ill, we decided to get her a puppy in the hopes some of her brilliance would rub off on him and to give her a companion in additoin to Bella, who was also very sick. We called him Buddy. He is the namesake of our company, our mascot, and R&D department. Unfortunately, Linda passed away, but Bella had an operation to remove her tumor and recovered. She has continued the veternarian suggested diet for all of her dogs since.

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